Demand for digital marketing skills grew by 92% in 5 years. Growth in digital-focused jobs outpaced overall marketing jobs by 30% thereby causing a huge demand for digital marketers in Nigeria and across the world.

Are you a student or teacher who wants to learn online marketing so you can be fit for a digital marketing role in the Nigerian work industry? Or you are a business owner who wants to leverage on digital marketing skill to improve your business sales and get re-occurring customers for your services or products.

You should consider learning a digital marketing course as a…

Technology is greatly transforming Malaysia into a digital economy with more increasing daily web users and ICT reforms. As a multi-ethnic, industrious, ICT and reforming tech nation in Southeast Asia and one of the wealthiest and most developed countries, outranked in GNP only by Singapore and oil-rich Brunei, the best web development agency ought to be seeker out for when discussing web development.


This brings about the name “Flow Digital”, a five-star company offering different web-related services such as Website Development | eCommerce Development | Mobile Development | Web Application | System & API Integration | Payment Gateway Solution |…

From small businesses to corporations, organizations of all shapes and sizes are hiring remote workers like never before due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re seeking practical advice on how to find remote jobs, here are some steps you can take today:

1. Connect with a specialized staffing firm

Recruiters with specialized staffing firms often have knowledge of new job opportunities before they’re advertised. At Robert Half, we work with companies around the world to source new jobs, so, when you work with us, you’re not limited to only those jobs in your immediate area. We can help you identify the right opportunity…

Over the last few years, before we were here, a lot of protests has been carried out to take out SARS (#EndSARS) completely just for the Nigerian government to disband and reinstall power into the hands of these brutal police force.

They work closely with the Nigeria government by forcefully taking properties of young people, killing anyone who declines to unlock their iPhone, rape girls who are less privileged, extort money from students e.t.c


If you come to Nigeria today, you could easily be killed for not unlocking your phone and that’s why we really want our voices to be…

You have to stop trading nonsense if you’ll need dozens of referrals to cash out from bitcoin mining platforms. I had a severe headache, wasted lost of effort mining bitcoins day in and out trying to get rich overnight and becoming the next Elon Musk. It got to a point I was emotionally affected and this got me angry. To cut the story short, I was scammed not by one but multiple Binary options websites that allow me to mine bitcoins and trade.

recover lost funds from IQ option

I’ve had a couple of very bad experiences in binary options scam including forex scam. A friend…

The world is evolving pretty fast with new tech revolutions. Startups — Innovations — Technologies are basically what rings in our ear nowadays everywhere we go. Even the radio and television industry isn’t left out with the rising of technologies and changing attitudes about jobs and career paths.

Startup culture is becoming the new norm with Nigeria striving at her possible best to make it big, has become the hub for lots of startup activity.

One of these startups is UNZEP. Continue reading as I unfold what this startup is all about.

How about you being able to make better…

Do you need the service of an SEO specialist in Nigeria? Do you need to rank your Nigerian business on the first page of Google and make more sales? Do you want to get massive organic traffic from search engines?

You can get all these absolutely for free when you hire the best SEO expert in Lagos Nigeria. Today I’m going to introduce you to why your Nigerian business needs SEO and why you should hire the Ayoola-SEO agency.

seo expert in Lagos

You should do SEO for your Nigerian business for a couple of reasons and the most essential reasons are:

  • You need…

Sometimes you get confused trying to pick a country to travel to as tourists and also get confused about where to study. You’re not alone in fact, a lot of people are confused like us as well.

We’re confused because we don’t know how to obtain our country of choice’s visa. Hopefully on this page, you’ll get to know how to get a Taiwan visa from Nigeria.

I feel Taiwan is a great city that still needs to be explored by millions of people like us out there. Taiwan is a great city full of Chinese and they have very…

I am Ayoola Daniel, a Freelance Content Writer who has worked with quite a lot of big blogs in Nigeria like the Talkglitz Media, Fastlagos e.t.c Today I thought of changing my role from being a freelancer to a Massage Therapist! LOL. Don’t mind me. I’ve been to a couple of Spas in Lagos and Bioviva Holistic Spa has all the Wellness & Beauty deals in Lagos, put up together, affordable by anyone. Well, let’s ignore that for now and read up on my list of top massage Spas in Lagos.

In the last few months, I decided to visit…

5 more days and 2019 is going to be over! Does this not look somehow to you? The new year resolution you had in mind, did any of it happened? Did you get yourself a new car? Did you get paid higher than usual? Were you able to woo her? Were you able to go out with friends? Did you even try to avoid watching Porn? Ever made more money?

We’ve all failed in one way or the other and trust me, our new year resolutions are dead goals from the last few years, we are only working earnestly to…

Ayoola Daniel

SEO Specialist

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